Fair Housing Enforcement


Housing is one of our most basic human rights. Unfortunately, it is a right that is sometimes denied because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, children, age, ancestry, place of birth, sexual orientation or disability.   What should you do if you think that you've been discriminated against?   What are your rights?   Who can help you?


The Fair Housing Partnership (FHP) is here to answer your questions, and to serve as your advocate is your fair housing rights have been violated.  The Fair Housing Partnership is a private, non-profit organization established in 1984 to create, promote and support equal housing choice and opportunity in our community.   We do so through fair housing education, investigation and enforcement  of the Fair Housing Act. We are the only agency of our kind in Western Pennsylvania. Our job is to fight for you if your Fair Housing Rights  have been violated. Please visit our other pages to find out more about our organization, your fair housing rights and how we are working to protect those rights.


Key Aspects of FHP

  • Investigates complaints of unlawful housing discrimination;
  • Files housing discrimination law suits or complaints with courts or appropriate enforcement agencies;
  • Represents victims of housing discrimination in civil suits or administrative complaints
  • Works with service-provider agencies to help promote an understanding of fair housing;
  • Monitors the real estate industry on affirmative marketing and fair housing compliance
  • Conducts training and public information programs on fair housing issues;
  • Provides assistance on landlord/tenant complaints


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Contact FHP

2840 Liberty Avenue, Suite #205

Pittsburgh PA, 15222


P: (412) 391-2535


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